In Vitro Fertilization : IVF

In Vitro Fertilization, IVF

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IVF treatment is the process of fertilizing an egg within laboratory conditions using assisted reproductive technology. The first step within
the IVF process is the testing and stimulation of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Medication is often taken for 8-10 days in order to stimulate the ovaries, while the uterus and fallopian tubes are tested for safety. Stimulation helps to increase the number of eggs produced in one natural cycle. A hormone injection will then be given to the patient in order to begin the ovulation process, around 36 to 38 hours before the eggs are retrieved.

Once the eggs are retrieved safely and painlessly, the male partner will provide a sperm sample, which is filtered to find a healthy candidate.
A selected mature egg and the healthy sperm are then sent to the laboratory. The sperm and egg are placed into a dish for fertilization to occur naturally. The embryo is then cultured in the laboratory for five or six days before it is analysed, tested, and transferred back into the female patient. After another eight to ten days, a pregnancy test can be taken.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a procedure that has helped infertile people have the ability to hold a pregnancy. The procedure is done in a
medical laboratory that involves the stimulation of ovulation through fertility medication and Oocysts. The whole procedure of Fertilization is done in a laboratory, before the embryo later on being transferred to the host uterine cavity. From its inception, the procedure has had much success that its utilization has been increased globally to help women with nearly all kinds of complications that might hinder them not to acquire pregnancy.

This is the fertilization outside the body by the use of technology to increase the chance of pregnancy. It is suitable for people with infertility problems, both male and female cause of infertility including one or more as following :

• Tubal factor if both tubes are totally blocked.
• Severe male factor that not suit for IUI treatment or mild case failed from IUI treatment morethan3-6 cycles.
• Diminished ovarian reserve (low AMH levels) that low chance of success in other methods (older than 40yrs)
• Ovarian failure that need oocytes donation
• Other cause if infertility after failure with IUI e.g. severe endometriosis, uterine factor, anovulation(PCOS)

Since the process is purely dependent on laboratory activity for the fertilization process to occur, various factors must be put into consideration to check the suitability of the host to hold the pregnancy. Although the In Vitro Fertilization process has had much success, it still has its shortcomings, which varies from the high cost of the procedure and health risk of the women who undergo the procedure, which can see them go through multiple gestations leading to fatal complications. The doctors do recommend initially various alternatives for the couples depending on their ages, such as the young given one year to try the natural conception way. In contrast, the older couples are given a shorter time before the doctors resorting to an IVF clinic in Bangkok.

In Thailand,  The process of IVF fertilization starts from oocyte retrieval from the host. The next step is Fertilization in vitro, where spermatozoa are mixed with the mature oocyte. For the success of the Fertilization, the embryo must be managed with a keen by the doctor checking on the patient regularly. During the process, various factors can be done like chromosome screening and detected genes disease in the embryo. After all the factors have been considered, the embryo is then transferred to the host, and from this period, the host will be under strict observation of the doctor.

Advantages of IVF:
• Increase the chances of pregnancy and shorten time to pregnancy in severe cause of infertility or maternal aging (>40yrs old)
• Prevention of genetic disordered by preimplantation genetic diagnosis in indicated cases.
• Preserve embryos for future family plan for newly couple.
• For Cases that need third support such as Egg Donor and Surrogate.

Factor with negative effect on success :
• Hydrosalpinx: fluid collection in fallopian tube. Treatment before embryo transfer will be suggested e.g. tubal surgery or resection,
tubal occlusion.
• Smoking: advised to stop smoking before treatment.
• Endometriosis…
• Myoma…
• Obesity…
• Previous unsuccessful IVF cycle…

In conclusion, IVF in Bangkok, as a procedure to help women acquire pregnancy, has had more positive impacts than negatives as it has helped more than a million women acquire pregnancy and have children ever since its inception. The shortcomings are there, but most of them are manageable.