Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

intrauterine insemination

Our IUI treatment process

Intrauterine Insemination is a type of fertility treatment in which sperm is directly inserted into the womb of a female patient. It is a procedure that involves a motile sperm that is processed and concentrated being placed directly to the uterine cavity.

IUI, a clinical procedure, involves the placement of a high number of sperm in the reproductive tract, which increases the chances of conception. The receiver of the sperm should be at the ovulation stage. The process is useful for couples who have sexual dysfunction, helping them avoid coitus.

There are several reasons behind the need for an intrauterine insemination procedure. Some of these include:

If you cannot engage in vaginal sex due to a disability or psychosexual issue

If you need specific assistance in your aim to conceive a child

If you are in a same-sex relationship and IUI sperm donation treatments have not worked up until this point.


To increase the chances of conceiving, an IUI cycle should be carried out just before / during / after ovulation. Fertility medicines are sometimes used to stimulate ovulation injection before an IUI treatment in Bangkok.

During the IUI process itself, a speculum is used to keep the woman’s vagina open, before a thin tube called a catheter is inserted into the vagina and up into the womb. The sperm sample is then directed to the womb via this tube.

For the infertile women, the process can be stimulated through various procedures using for older women. When the woman can ovulate, the procedure to place the sperm in the uterine walls is then conducted following some strict rules. When the procedure is successful, the patient can get back to their normal routine.


The male will be asked to ejaculate into a specimen container / TEST/PESA (needed) on the same day for fresh collection or using frozen sperm of the IUI treatment, which will then be filtered to locate a healthy sperm sample.

The sperm is collected freshly from the women partners through masturbation. The semen is collected from a sterilized laboratory to minimize contamination. After the collection, the sperm is separated from the semen and other debris to increase its concentration. The collected sample is then processed to ascertain the adequacy in numbers of moving sperms recovered. If the sample offers less count, the partner is requested to seek medical advice from a urologist.

The process offers fewer risks to the patients who went through the natural means to acquire pregnancy, but for those who used induced IUI Treatment in Thailand, there are risks such as multiple gestations. Otherwise, the procedure is very simple from the time of semen collection to implantation of the sperm to the woman uterine walls.